Online Gitaarles 
gitaar- en ukelele lessen

All styles and levels

Structure in your lessons 

All-round guitarist Bart van Osch: "I use various methods tailored to your wishes and musical taste. The lessons are built up progressively and with a clearly tailored approach, so that you are guaranteed to play more freely and with more ease and fun!" 

Modern exercise material 

To support the lessons, you can also use practice CDs, video images (DVD, websites and YouTube), apps and computer programs such as Guitar Pro, Power Tab, Transcribe, Cubase and Logic, which you can use at home. 

What do you do in class? 

In the lesson, a lot of attention is paid to a relaxed sitting position, right position of both hands, chords, playing technique, sound, musical expression, fingerpicking and picking techniques. 

Music theory 

Learn to make chords with a melody, the function and structure of chords, the notation, keys, scales, rhythmic patterns.